What to wear?

WTW shoes


1. Start by showing off your personality! Pick clothes that reflect YOU and make you feel good. If you feel like a million bucks it will make you look like a million bucks! This also means you should choose clothing that fits you well and isn’t too tight or too baggy.

2. Don’t be afraid of color or patterns. Vibrant colors and simple patterns photograph very well and can really make your photographs pop. I do recommend that you stay away from characters, logos, or lettering on clothing as they tend to take attention off your face.

3. Layer! Wear a cute jacket, scarf, vest, tie, leggings under a skirt, or a collared shirt. While you’re at it think about textures such as leather, corduroy, or denim for added interest.

4. Don’t forget about your feet. Wear socks and shoes that blend in with your outfit. Or some stylish heels with those jeans. Even sometimes it’s best to just go barefoot!

5. Think about matching your family, but not matchy-matchy. Try using color schemes or choose outfits that compliment each other. White is not the only color that matches 🙂