Every session or event is unique to you. We use our artsy eye & attention to details to end up with natural, sweet, and caught in the moment photographs. Here are a few things to keep in mind for a flawless photo session.

Pick clothes that reflect YOU
and make you feel good.
If you feel comfortable
& confident in your outfit,
the photos will reflect that.
This also means you
should choose clothing
that fits you well
and isn't uncomfortable.
Start by showing
off your personality
Think about matching Try using color schemes or choose outfits that compliment each other. Everyone wearing the same plain color shirts can become overwhelming or look dated.

Mix it up with similar colors popping from a patterned shirt, ties or accessories.
Layers Wear a cute jacket, scarf, vest,
tie, leggings under a skirt, or a
collared shirt. While you're at it,
think about textures such as
leather, corduroy, or denim
for added interest.

Don't forget about your feet!
Wear socks, shoes or sandals
that blend in with your outfit.
Don't be afraid
of color or patterns
Vibrant colors and simple
patterns photograph very well
and can really make your
photographs pop.
We do recommend that you try to
stay away from characters,
logos, or lettering on clothing
as they tend to take attention
off your face.
Knowing that all families and
children are different,
we like to customize
your session experience to
fit your family or children's
personalities and style.
We think it makes a big difference
in how you & your family
are captured when it's more
about who you are.
Tickling your kids and making
them laugh. Or even romping
through a grassy field.
We love to take the time to
get all the details about what
brings your family close together.
From the Engagement session
or Rehearsal Dinner,
Ceremony & Receptions,
we have loved every minute
of capturing these happy times!
We have a wonderful wedding
magazine full of amazing
details to capture the
wedding journey.
Make sure you contact us
to check it out!
A mini session is exactly
how it sounds!
The way the session is designed
is to save time without
missing out on quality pictures.
A session lasts 30 minutes
at one location and
you receive your
images via download.
This type of session is available
during promotional times,
typically 2-3 times per year.
You can find that info on our
Blog, Instagram or Facebook.
Mini Sessions