Hello! We are Angie & Chelsea Kohn.

Together we make Kohn Photo & Design.  We are excited about love, family and photography and we want to share our compassion with you!


We are natural light photographers who are always chasing that magical light. Sometimes our job also requires us to be weather predictors, tour guides & kid wranglers. And we love every minute of it! We have so much fun working together and always make sure everyone around us is having a great time, too. Photography is something we both have loved since childhood and feel so lucky to be able to share our passion for this art with each other and of course, with YOU!


Things have changed since we both began photographing, from film & developing negatives in a darkroom, to digital cameras, to smartphones, every moment of your life can now be captured. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to be in front of the camera so you don’t miss a thing! We want to be there, in your moments, to capture those memories forever. We truly feel as though photography is a gateway to remember the past and is one of the greatest ways to always remember a beautiful moment.